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Welcome to Limes Smiles for Miles Inc 2024!

We are dedicated to providing safe early intervention childcare services to low-income families with children ages 3 to 5 diagnosed with Autism/spectrum and Down Syndrome. Our team of trained professionals are committed to creating a nurturing, nutritious and supportive environment for your child's growth and development. Come and check out our rich sensory experience beautiful outdoor preschool garden program.

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We focus on supporting caretakers by providing safe affordable child care to autistic children born with intellectual, social and behavioral disabilities. Our goal is to supply our families with nutritional, educational and physical support. Created out of greenspace into an outdoor autonomy garden classroom. Early Learning
Ages 3 - 5 
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introducting Andre to LSFM strawberries_edited.jpg

Ages 3 - 5 Our Early Learning Garden program for children ages 3 to 5 diagnosed with Autism/Down Syndrome is designed to help them develop the skills they need to succeed in school and in life. Our program is led by a team of trained professionals who are committed to your child's growth and development.

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